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Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk

on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 18:53

From South Street, after crossing the River from University City area, we will follow the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, a breathtaking, 2,000-foot-long pathway that extends the Schuylkill River Trail from Locust to South Street. The scenic path allows pedestrians, runners and bicyclists to literally walk over river to some of the best skyline views around. The pathway connects to the South Street Bridge via a 460-foot-long ramp that provides pedestrian, bicycle and ADA-compliant access to the Schuylkill River Trail.

Philly's Odds & End

on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 19:42

There has always been something unique and interesting about Philadelphia. It certainly has its share of unique places and food which many people tie to the city itself. Here's a few of the unique things that make it a great place to visit on Saturday, July 12, 2014 for the first inaugural FreeWalkers' Philadelphia Freedom Walk

The Rocky Steps and Statue

One of Philadelphia’s most famous pieces of public art is a bigger-than-life boxer... literally. Originally created for Rocky III, the sculpture is now a real-life monument to a celluloid hero. The fictional Rocky Balboa of Sylvester

Reading Terminal Market

on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 19:39

If you are walking in Philadelphia you would be hard pressed to miss stopping at the one of the biggest and oldest inner-city enclosed marketplaces.

The Reading Terminal Market is an enclosed public market found at 12th and Arch Streets in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over one hundred merchants offer fresh produce, meats, fish, groceries, ice cream, flowers, baked goods, crafts, books, clothing, and specialty and ethnic foods. Every space in the market is rented out; three of the vendors are descendants of original market merchants.

America's Oldest Street

on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 19:36

If you lived at Elfreth's Alley since the beginning you might need to "Meet the Neighbors" 3,000 times. That's the number of people said to have lived here over the last 300 years.

Elfreth's Alley is a street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is referred to as "Our nation's oldest residential street," dating to 1702. there are 32 houses on the street in the Old City section, which were built between 1728 and 1836.

Elfreth's Alley is named for Jeremiah Elfreth, an 18th-century blacksmith and property owner.

Where Independence was Born

on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 19:33

Feeling bogged down and uninspired? Just walking through this city and seeing its historical treasures should help liberate you.

Probably the most significant place in U.S. history, outside of maybe Washington DC, is in the center of Philadelphia. The area known as Independence National Park houses some of the most important documents and memorabilia about the birth of our nation. 

Independence Visitor Center

Stop by the Visitor Center is located at 6th and Market Streets for a break and to learn more about the area and what tours and exhibits are available from the Park Rangers.

Walk the Schuykill

on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 19:28

Thinking of heading for the FreeWalkers' Philadelphia Freedom Walk this Saturday? We'll be highlighting a few of the points of interest this week. Why not come and see for yourself?

The Schuylkill River (/ˈskkəl/ skoo-kəl) is a 135-mile river in Pennsylvania that William Penn chose in 1682 as one bank of the confluence upon which he founded the planned city of Philadelphia on lands purchased from the native Delaware nation (Lenape Indians).

The Schuylkill River Trail runs along the river in Philadelphia and is a popular multi-use path for residents and visitors.

Parking in Philly

on Thu, 06/12/2014 - 18:34

Park America  (outdoor lot, attended, video surveillance)
3101 Market Street  (bet. N. 30th St. & JFK Blvd.)
Philadelphia, Pa.
Phone: 610-637-5947
Cost $10 all day

I have parked here before- it is about a block west of 30th Street Station.  It is open on Saturdays, but attended until 3:00 p.m.  Video surveillance 24/7.

Bob Quinlan

Getting to Philly by Train

on Thu, 03/13/2014 - 19:43

Here's a rundown of various rail options to get to Philadelphia



Amtrak or NJ Transit Trains are available for transportation from Penn Station to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.

VIA AMTRAK  (one-way fare from NY is currently $39)

Amtrak Train 131 (Northeast Regional) leaves NY Penn Station at 6:45 a.m. and arrives at 30th Street Station at 8:10 a.m.  (reservations recommended)

Amtrak Train 661 (Keystone Service) leaves NY Penn Station at 7:00 a.m. and arrives at 30th Street Station at 8:20 a.m.  (reservations recommended)

For reservations and additional